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Choreography: Alonzo King
Music: Charles Lloyd and Jason Moran
Sound Design: Philip Perkins
Lighting and Image Design: Jim Campbell
Costumes: Robert Rosenwasser
Created in 2019
Duration: 50 min

Azoth was believed to be the essential agent of transformation in alchemy. It is the name given by ancient alchemists to mercury, the essence of life hidden in all matter that makes transmutation possible. The concept of transmuting lead into gold is a symbol of the very work of alchemy. The principle is to transform base metals, the Earth, into pure metals. Symbolically speaking, the Earth represents humanity. Transmitting lead into gold then means transforming the mind and heart into spiritual gold.
For this piece with its evocative name, Charles Lloyd, Jason Moran and Alonzo King create an unforgettable dialogue between movement and music. The two musicians share a multidisciplinary approach to their craft that perfectly complements Alonzo King’s expansive vision for ballet, providing a harmonious piece. This alchemy is adorned with the lights of Jim Campbell’s bold installation, which instills a sense of freedom and wonder.

« Alonzo has a way of hearing. His choreography becomes melodic content. »

Jason Moran

Press talks about it

“King’s dancers are unambiguously sensual, particularly in Azoth. Moran and Lloyd, who play their instruments only a few feet away from the dancers, seem to be engaged in a deeply intimate conversation with the performers. The dancers don’t listen and react to the music, they are the music.”

Philip Mayard, Bay Area Reporter

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