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Choreography and set design: Po-Cheng Tsai
Choreography assistant: Sheng-Ho Chang
Costume design: Ute Noack
Created in 2022
Duration: 60 min

In THE CELL, B.DANCE’s fifth full-length piece, Po-Cheng Tsai wipes out the pandemic era and floods the stage with a bright white light. A new day dawns. In a transcendent space-time journey, the piece tackles the relationship between the individual and the group through 10 performers.

The image of the cell questions the relationship to time, space and duality: it can be the metaphor of a prison but also the beginning of a great whole. It has the power to destroy as well as to create; to interact as well as to isolate.

Through his prism, the choreographer invites us to leave behind the two years of confinement to celebrate the light that is once again emerging.

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