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July 2023

  • 02 : Montpellier (FR) - Ulysse
  • 03 : Montpellier (FR) - Ulysse


Choreography : Jean-Claude Gallotta
Choreography assistant : Mathilde Altaraz
Dramaturgy : Claude-Henri Buffard
Reconstruction and transmission : Mathilde Altaraz et Thierry Verger
Original music : Henry Torgue et Serge Houppin
Lighting and stage design : Manuel Bernard
Costumes : Chiraz Sedouga
With : Axelle André, Naïs Arlaud, Alice Botelho, Ibrahim Guetissi, Fuxi Li, Bernardita Moya Alcalde, Clara Protar, Jérémy Silvetti, Gaetano Vaccaro, Thierry Verger

Restaged in 2021
Duration: 80 min

Jean-Claude Gallotta reverts to his emblematic “ballet blanc” from 1981. This work has been performed in several versions over almost forty years, including the famous Variations d’Ulysse, which have been added to the Paris Opera Ballet’s repertoire in 1995.
For this re-creation, the music has been revisited, as have the sets and lighting, thanks to the collaboration of the artistic team of the original piece. The costumes are still white but restyled and this new version of Ulysses does not allow itself to be coloured by the tonality of the present time, but instead, tends to illuminate it. Gallotta offers a skilful choreography that he considers transitional between the natural and the remodelled. This way, he responds to fears, anxieties and an uncertain future with a violently vibrant piece.

Press talks about it

Ulysses reveals Gallota’s extraordinarily precise choreography, using the principles of repetitive dance. The choreographer has made the most of the all-white set design and the very rigorous architecture of the construction lines. […] It is an ironic creation, casual and forever young.”

Philippe Verrièle, Danser Canal Historique

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