Tour calendar

October 2023

  • 17 : Saint-Hyacinthe (CA) - VANISHING MÉLODIES
  • 19 : Drummondville (CA) - VANISHING MÉLODIES

March 2024

  • 08 : Gütersloh (DE) - VANISHING MÉLODIES
  • 09 : Gütersloh (DE) - VANISHING MÉLODIES

April 2024

  • 20 : Toronto (CA) - VANISHING MÉLODIES
  • 24 : Nanaimo (CA) - VANISHING MÉLODIES
  • 26 : Victoria (CA) - VANISHING MÉLODIES

VANISHING MÉLODIES - Music by Patrick Watson

Creation & Stage Direction : Eric Jean Choreographers : Juliano Nunes et Anne Plamondon Dramaturgy : Pascal Chevarie
Music : Patrick Watson
Soundscape and Musical Editing : Alexis Dumais
Set : Pierre-Étienne Locas
Lighting :Cédric Delorme-Bouchard
Video : Julien Blais
Costumes : Marie Chantale Vaillancourt

Created in 2021
Duration: 60 min

Tinged with lyricism and raw emotion, VANISHING MÉLODIES is a testament to the remarkable choreographic language of Juliano Nunes and Anne Plamondon. The two choreographers intertwine their talents to create a work in perfect synergy with the music of Montreal author, composer, and performer Patrick Watson. Human, vulnerable, and tender.

Submerged in a dreamlike world the artists are drawn into life’s current and suspended in a state of transition. With the bus shelter as their eerie refuge, the artists fluidly drift in and out of arrivals and departures. It is in this state of transition, rich but complex, that paradoxes lie, and seeds of self-discovery grow. Uncertain how the journey will end, they seem to remain trusting that, by riding the wave, they will arrive at the correct destination. At peace with uncertainty of the path that vanishes like smoke.

Press talks about it

VANISHING MÉLODIES definitely offers scenes that are breathtakingly beautiful. Movement and music often harmonise and even become metaphors for each other.“

Maud Cucchi, Le JEU revue de théâtre

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