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Choreography: Po-Cheng Tsai
Lighting design: Otto Chang
Music Composition: Rockid Lee
Video design: Po-Chih Chang
Created in 2021
Duration: 85 min including 15 min intermission

With breathtaking choreography, haute couture costumes and elegant set design, ALICE takes us into a very special wonderland, with a strange and deeply psychological atmosphere. A labyrinth of mirrors, artistic projections and drawings in black and white ink unite poetry and fairy tales, as well as Western and Eastern cultures.

Press talks about it

“Po-Cheng Tsai’s dance is very dynamic. [Il] [He] combines East Asian dance styles with Western contemporary dance: ballet, hip hop, jazz with tai chi, martial arts, kung fu, Chinese folk dance. […] Acrobatics fill the piece: legs move like sharp folding knives, then again like flowing waves.”

Edith Arnold, Luzerner Zeitung

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