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A Million Kisses to my Skin

Choreography: David Dawson
Created in 2000
Duration: 25 min

Influenced by classical aesthetics and ballet technique, David Dawson explores the limits of choreographic writing. The result is an infinite fluidity of movement, a sense of freedom and a pure love for dance.

The Suit

Choreography: Cathy Marston
Created in 2018
Duration: 40 min

The tragic story of Philemon and Matilda, and a suit left by her lover. Based on the short story of the same name by South African journalist and author Can Themba, Cathy Marston‘s choreography gives special emphasis to the group to reinforce the focus on the triangle of Matilda, Philemon and the suit.

Elementary Particles

Choreography: Marguerite Donlon
Created in 2022
Duration: 30 min

This creation by Marguerite Donlon was inspired by the lectures on space of the physicist Stephen Hawking as well as his desire to make complex relationships understandable to all. His curiosity, his thirst for exploration and his determination are more relevant than ever.

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