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Choreography and direction: Wim Vandekeybus
Music: Trixie Whitley, Shahzad Ismaily, Ben Perowsky and Daniel Mintseris
Guitar: Marc Ribot
Created in 2019
Duration: 105 min

In TRACES, Wim Vandekeybus follows the traces he has left. He looks back on the intuitions from whence his search began. To the drama of impulses and instincts To the game of energies and intensities.
In the overwhelming Romanian nature, with Europe’s last primeval forests, Vandekeybus searches for traces that are older than man and his memory. The “inner story“ that unfolds before or beyond language and can only be told in the pulses of dance and music.
It is a search for traces of nature that the body has forgotten or repressed. What happens when at risk or in danger, when we have to take intuitive decisions to survive? How much nature still lives in human mankind? How much animal in the human body?
Ten dancers move to a soundtrack composed by Trixie Whitley, Shahzad Ismaily, Ben Perowsky and Daniel Mintseris, recorded with special guest Marc Ribot on guitar.

Press talks about it

“This is an intense performance filled with powerful images and beautiful soundscapes which resonate long after the lights dim. It is the sheer physical energy and life-force with which the whole company performs that really astounds. Their ease and abandonment whilst executing challenging lifts, jumps and balances could easily mislead you into thinking this choreography is in the realms of normal humans. The icing on the cake, though, is not their confidence and easy control of their physical form, but their ability to keep this ease thrilling. The dancers imbue each sequence with such power and agility that you cannot help but remain on the edge of your seat. An exhilarating and searching new piece from Ultima Vez.“

Louise Lewis, British Theatre Guide

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