Alonzo KingLINES Ballet

Tour calendar

July 2022

  • 31 : Santa Fe (US) - Deep River

September 2022

  • 17 : Pittsburg (US) - Deep River

October 2022

  • 22 : Detroit (US) - Deep River
  • 23 : Detroit (US) - Deep River

January 2023

  • 14 : Roubaix (FR) - Deep River
  • 17 : Aulnoye-Aymeries (FR) - Deep River
  • 19 : Rungis (FR) - Deep River
  • 21 : Bonn (DE) - Deep River
  • 22 : Bonn (DE) - Deep River
  • 25 : Istres (FR) - Deep River
  • 28 : Mérignac (FR) - Deep River
  • 31 : Bourges (FR) - Deep River

February 2023

  • 23 : East Lansing (US) - Deep River

March 2023

  • 03 : West Palm Beach (US) - Deep River
  • 08 : South Bend (US) - Deep River
  • 09 : South Bend (US) - Deep River
  • 11 : Cleveland (US) - Deep River
  • 12 : Cleveland (US) - Deep River
  • 18 : Greenville (US) - Deep River

May 2023

  • 05 : Chicago (US) - Deep River
  • 06 : Chicago (US) - Deep River
  • 27 : Costa Mesa (US) - Deep River

June 2023

  • 08 : Los Angeles (US) - Deep River
  • 09 : Los Angeles (US) - Deep River
  • 10 : Los Angeles (US) - Deep River

Alonzo King LINES Ballet

Director/ Choreographer : Alonzo King

Combining a classical technique with personal intervention, Alonzo King lifts his performers to a non-stop dance becoming a staggering articulation of bodies.

In 1982, Alonzo King moved to San Francisco and founded LINES Ballet, which has become one of the most prestigious and exciting companies in North America. Highly recognised in the United States and abroad, he has worked regularly with opera, television and cinema. Alongside, he has been invited to work with the largest companies around the world. William Forsythe stated that “Alonzo King is one of the few, true Ballet Masters of our times

Admirer of Balanchine, he creates bridges between tradition and modernity and develops an inventive, sensual yet vibrant dance with impeccable ballet trained performers.

Through his collaborations with artists from different disciplines and cultures, he proposes work that is always new and nourished by cultural diversity. As a visionary choreographer, Alonzo King is renowned for his incredible ability to grip the audience with a deep sense of humanity and freedom.

Season highlights

To launch its season, the company will create a new piece in October 2022: Seven Seas (working title), which will address the theme of the degradation of the Arctic continent and its tragic impact on the people who live there. The set design will include photos and videos taken in the Arctic, as well as a musical creation featuring indigenous songs.

The company will come back to Europe in January 2023 with several tour dates in France and Germany. It will present its new programme Deep River, created in May 2022 on the occasion of LINES Ballet’s 40th anniversary. This production is the result of two years of atypical work for the dancers and Alonzo King, who continued practising in “confined bubbles” and other unusual surroundings despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Two exceptional artists also collaborated with the company for the creation of Deep River: The Grammy Award-winning singer Lisa Fischer and the jazz pianist Jason Moran.

Press talks about it

“A twisted, swirling and asymmetrical classical dance — on pointes for women — spiralling the body to the fingertips.”

Rosita Boisseau, Le Monde

“LINES Ballet […] dances to a full house everywhere. It is easy to understand why: exceptional dancers, purity of movement, musicality of forms…”

Philippe Noisette, Les Échos

“It’s been 40 years since choreographer Alonzo King founded the celebrated contemporary ballet company LINES in San Francisco. And he’s barely stopped moving, creating, or pushing himself since.”