Tour calendar

November 2023

  • 02 : Minneapolis (US) - Deep River
  • 29 : Esch-sur-Alzette (LU) - Deep River

December 2023

  • 01 : Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (BE) - Deep River
  • 02 : Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (BE) - Deep River
  • 05 : Lannion (FR) - Deep River
  • 08 : Vannes (FR) - Deep River
  • 09 : Vannes (FR) - Deep River
  • 13 : Montpellier (FR) - Deep River
  • 14 : Montpellier (FR) - Deep River
  • 19 : Monthey (CH) - Deep River
  • 21 : Winterthur (CH) - Deep River
  • 22 : Winterthur (CH) - Deep River

February 2024

  • 22 : New York (US) - Deep River
  • 23 : New York (US) - Deep River
  • 24 : New York (US) - Deep River

April 2024

  • 26 : Santa Barbara (US) - Deep River

May 2024

  • 16 : Washington (US) - Deep River
  • 17 : Washington (US) - Deep River
  • 18 : Washington (US) - Deep River

Deep River

Choreography: Alonzo King
Music: Jason Moran, Lisa Fischer, Pharoah Sanders, Maurice Ravel, James Weldon Johnson
Vocals: Lisa Fischer
Created in 2022
Duration: 65 min

During the first two years of the pandemic, the artists of LINES Ballet worked in confined bubbles, in their studios, in Golden Gate Park, on a farm, in the desert of Wickenburg Arizona, and in various other places, in order to continue building work despite the pandemic. Deep River is the result of three years of work in unusual settings.
In addition to Jason Moran’s compositions and Lisa Fischer’s remarkable voice, the use of spiritual music from the Black and Jewish traditions was selected to address the power of inspiration during difficulty, and hope and determination against seemingly impossible odds. Deep River is a call to remain fundamentally positive regardless of circumstance. To bloom the lotus in the muck and to look at one other as a family of souls. And to look at each other as a family of souls. It points to the imbalance of the intellect without a heart, and the necessity to feel for others as we do for ourselves. It is a love letter to a world writhing in pain.
The majority of the company is predominantly on stage, sewn through solos and pas de deux.

Press talks about it

Deep River seems to take on an almost evolutionary quality, showing the troupe both contrasting against and moving in sync to Moran’s score. […] Fischer’s gospel delivery and choice of songs give work a specificity that actually makes it more universal.“

Charles Lewis III, 48 hills

“Prior to the work’s conclusion with a memorable pas de deux, the dancers led the audience through almost unbelievable angst, whether wriggling or writhing on the floor, lurching or struggling across solo, in twos or small ensembles. […] Deep River was a powerful visualization in which King left no muscle or gesture unexplored in his vision.“


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