Yacobson Ballet

Tour calendar

March 2023

  • 29 : Oviedo (ES) - Le Lac des cygnes Canceled
  • 03 : Reims (FR) - Don Quichotte Canceled
  • 04 : Reims (FR) - Don Quichotte Canceled
  • 05 : Reims (FR) - Don Quichotte Canceled
  • 07 : Villars-sur-Glâne (CH) - Don Quichotte Canceled
  • 22 : Saint-Étienne (FR) - Don Quichotte Canceled
  • 24 : Aix-en-Provence (FR) - Don Quichotte Canceled
  • 25 : Aix-en-Provence (FR) - Don Quichotte Canceled
  • 26 : Aix-en-Provence (FR) - Don Quichotte Canceled
  • 11 : Rabat (MA) - Giselle Yacobson Canceled
  • 12 : Rabat (MA) - Giselle Yacobson Canceled
  • 15 : Casablanca (MA) - Giselle Yacobson Canceled
  • 16 : Casablanca (MA) - Giselle Yacobson Canceled

Yacobson Ballet

Artistic Director: Andrian Fadeev

Yacobson Ballet was created in 1969 by Leonid Yacobson, a ballet master and famous choreographer. and it quickly caused a sensation within the Russian ballet landscape, even nicknamed “Miniature Company” referring to the short length pieces created by its founder Throughout his 7 years at the head of the company, Leonid Yacobson worked towards the development of dance in Russia and collaborated with renowned dancers such as Natalia Makarova, Alla Osipenko, Maya Plisetskaya, Mikhail Baryshnikov, among others.
Since 2011, the Yacobson Ballet has been directed by Andrian Fadeev, a former principal dancer of the Mariinsky Ballet. Thanks to his passion and hard work, he raises the company – composed of 70 dancers and soloists with astonishing technique and strong personalities – to an international level. Andrian Fadeev rejuvenates ballet from the classical repertoire. While preserving the tradition, he commissions new stage productions and renews costume designs. Cutting the lengthy parts in order to keep the essential ones, he gives spirit and rhythm to those historical pieces, modernizing them A beautiful way to rediscover the ballet repertoire, performed with verve and elegance by excellent dancers.

Season highlights

In 2021, health restrictions due to the Covid-19 crisis forced us to postpone the Yacobson Ballet tour. With the borders still closed in 2022, this was the final blow and we had to cancel everything.
For 2023, the dates planned in March were mostly cancelled due to the geopolitical context and the new issues. Some dates are still to be confirmed, but they are extremely uncertain.
This situation deprives us of an amazing company with repertoire pieces that have always been unanimously acclaimed, embodied by high-calibre performers and very elegantstagings.

Press talks about it

“Mind-blowing soloists are carried by the perfection of the corps de ballet. […] A magnificent show, interpreters are glamorized by luminous costumes and offer a dazzling performance.”

Cerise Rochet, La Tribune – Le Progrès

“Yacobson Ballet of Saint Petersburg delivered a sumptuous performance. The accuracy of the ballet is not only due to the tremendous talent of the dancers but also to the attention to detail.”

Manon Costantini, Essonne info

“A high-flying troupe, a perfect representative of this Russian school with its assumed lyricism, its rigorous, if not dazzling, technique, carried from beginning to end by classical dancers, from head to toe, who have never done anything else in their lives than dance in the pure academic vein. […] the ensemble of soloists and the troupe, in which each one embodies different characters in turns, is remarkable for its quality and homogeneity.”

Raphaël de Gubernatis, toutelaculture.com

“Classical and precise. Good quality sets and costumes, brilliant virtuosity of the soloists and rigorous technique of the Corps de ballet.”

Simonetta Trovato, Giornale di Sicilia

“Yacobson Ballet perfectly combines artistry with technique…”

Federica Pezzoli, Radiocitta Ferrara

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