Tour calendar

August 2023

  • 12 : Hangzhou (CN) - From IN

December 2023

  • 09 : Shenzhen (CN) - From IN

March 2024

  • 15 : Terrassa (ES) - From IN
  • 17 : Avignon (FR) - From IN
  • 20 : Toulon (FR) - From IN
  • 23 : Fréjus (FR) - From IN
  • 26 : Évreux (FR) - From IN
  • 28 : Maubeuge (FR) - From IN

April 2024

  • 04 : Moscou (RUS) - From IN

From IN

Choreography: Xie Xin
Music: Jiang Shaofeng et Yin Yi
Created in 2015
Duration: 65 min

Immersion in Chinese culture allows to understand all the poetry that Xie Xin transcribes in the movements of a refined dance. From IN ’s choreography originates in Chinese calligraphy and particularly in the ideogram ⼈ which means “Human”. This character consists of two lines. Xie Xin’s attention is focused on the junction point of these two lines which go in opposite directions.
This point of origin is the convergence of two possibilities, a meeting place for opposites It is a connecting area at the heart of relationships with others. With From IN, Xie Xin immerses us into a sensitive space-time, where pieces of memories are constantly layered one upon each other Dancers appear and disappear like fantasmatic figures in an enigmatic and elegant ballet, between tradition and modernity.

Press talks about it

“Refreshing, peaceful and extremely attractive, From IN almost creates a fantastic performance. The dance is shown with the beauty of simplicity. It is just like the exquisite jewellery, which makes the beauty longer and unfading. Moving like in a dream, the dancer seems to integrate into the air and with the top quality.”

Finland Daily

“Xie Xin explores a variety of figures where the body is stretched to the limit, infinitely fluid and almost elastic to create an extremely elegant aesthetic. In solos, duets or all together, the eight artists of the company spread the poetry of solitude, of searching others and each other, in an ever-present purity.”

Jean-Frédéric Saumont, Danses avec la plume

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