Xiexin Dance Theatre

Tour calendar

September 2022

  • 09 : Shenzhen (CN) - T.I.M.E

November 2022

  • 22 : Taishan (CN) - From IN
  • 25 : Zibo (CN) - From IN
  • 27 : Binzhou (CN) - From IN
  • 30 : Weifang (CN) - From IN

December 2022

  • 03 : Heze (CN) - From IN
  • 06 : Baoding (CN) - From IN
  • 09 : Xiaogang (CN) - From IN
  • 11 : Wuhan (CN) - From IN
  • 14 : Zhangjiaxiang (CN) - From IN
  • 17 : Shanghai (CN) - From IN

February 2023

  • 25 : Valladolid (ES) - From IN

March 2023

  • 02 : Luxembourg (LU) - From IN
  • 03 : Luxembourg (LU) - From IN
  • 06 : Monthey (CH) - From IN
  • 08 : Winterthur (CH) - From IN
  • 09 : Winterthur (CH) - From IN
  • 12 : Fribourg (CH) - From IN
  • 14 : Morges (CH) - From IN
  • 17 : Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban (FR) - From IN
  • 21 : Lannion (FR) - From IN
  • 25 : Soissons (FR) - From IN
  • 28 : Colombes (FR) - From IN
  • 31 : Sceaux (FR) - From IN

April 2023

  • 04 : Darmstardt (DE) - T.I.M.E
  • 01 : Sceaux (FR) - From IN
  • 02 : Sceaux (FR) - From IN

Xiexin Dance Theatre

Artistic director / Choreographer:
Xie Xin

Since its creation in 2014 in Shanghai, Xiexin Dance Theatre has gradually asserted itself as a stakeholder in the development of contemporary dance in China, where it now plays a prominent role. The company, led by choreographer Xie Xin, focuses on body research, contemporary dance awareness and the creation of original works. In addition to the pieces she develops for her company, Xie Xin invites international choreographers each year to create new shows and to participate in workshops. The company is also working to develop an international platform to exchange around contemporary dance, focusing on the international creation of high quality collaborative projects.
Before founding her own dance company, Xie Xin worked as a performer at the Guangdong Modern Dance Company, the Shanghai Jinxing Dance Theatre, the Beijing Tao Dance Theatre, and Beijing Dance LDTX. She also performed under the direction of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Her choreographic works have won numerous awards in China and abroad. Xie Xin’s artistic vision is firmly focused on the exploration of a precise choreographic language, in which each movement possibility aims to convey emotions as accurately as possible.
Xie Xin is an emerging artist becoming a must-see personality of the international choreographic landscape.

Season highlights

After a season beginning in China with the performances of T.I.M.E (a piece created by Xie Xin in February 2022) and Entropy (choreographed for the company by Yin Fang in 2021), Xie Xin will open a double programme from 14 to 16 October 2022, in Shanghai. In collaboration with two pianists and two percussionists from the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Xie Xin will present her version of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring as well as a piece based on Erik Satie’s Gymnopédies & Gnossiennes.
Then, the company will tour in November and December in many important Chinese theatres before meeting the European audience from the end of February to the beginning of April 2023. Xiexin Dance Theatre will perform in a dozen cities in Spain, Luxemburg, Switzerland and France with its piece From IN.

Press talks about it

“Xie Xin’s dance has a flowing elegance. There is a lot of unison and the use of breath is very obvious. There is an almost complete absence of sharp edges and certainly none of the aggression or roughness that is sometimes seen from contemporary choreographers, in Europe especially.”

David Mead, seeingdance.com

“How refreshing to see […] a dance whose energy flows calmly without ever losing tension.”

Savon Sanomat, Kuopio, Finland

In the repertoire