Tour calendar

October 2023

  • 02 : Beijing (CN) - T.I.M.E
  • 03 : Beijing (CN) - T.I.M.E

November 2023

  • 30 : Saint-Pétersbourg (RUS) - T.I.M.E


Choreography: Xie Xin
Music : Sylvian Wang
Created in 2022
Duration: 75 min

The brand-new contemporary dance theatre work T.I.M.E explores the interaction between memories and the passing of time Seemingly, it is not until halfway along the journey that we start to recognise that those memories are part of who we are… Looking back at the journey we travelled, we come to realise that deep inside our hearts, somewhere in our memories, there is always someone to whom we owe a “sorry”.

You thought you’ve let it go and have been living in peace with it, however, it is still there. Every tiny bit of those profound moments will flash back, just like the echo of time…
As its English name T.I.M.E implies, the 4 letters construct and unveil the emotional essence of this dance piece: T means Temperature and Teleportation; I for Inner self, Important moments and Imagination; M is about Memory and Mind while E refers to Energy and Emotional.

The contemporary dance theater work T.I.M.E is commissioned by Shanghai International Dance Center Theater.

Press talks about it

“Xie Xin’s dance technique is sober and neat. In her dance work, she still does not set up a plot but only showcases the events as they are. What truly matters is the process. Compared to the reflective, caring nature of her previous works, T.I.M.E adds more of an abstract dimension.“

Wang Chen, Thoughtful Shanghai / Zhoudao Shanghai

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