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March 2024

  • 26 : Salzburg (AT) - Don Juan
  • 27 : Salzburg (AT) - Don Juan

Don Juan

Choreography: Johan Inger
Original music composition: Marc Álvarez, orchestrated and directed by Manuel Busto with Orquesta de Extremadura
Created in 2020
Duration: 100 min (+ intermission)

Johan Inger takes the paradigmatic myth of Don Juan for this new collaboration with the company Aterballetto. He creates a piece that is both traditional and contemporary, and this is the subtle paradox the choreographer wishes to explore. For Johan Inger, the maternal role is essential to the psychological construction of his Don Juan. The emotional emptiness caused by his abandonment turns this character, in perpetual quest for love, into a truly contemporary figure.
The neutrality of the sets allows this psychoanalytical reading, while the costumes carry within them the fleeting evocation of the past, from which the choreographer finds inspiration, notably in the writings of Molière.

Press talks about it

“This Don Juan is full of dazzling sequences, in particular group scenes with spectacular energy.”

Marie-Valentine Chaudon, La Croix

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