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Choreographies: Eyal Dadon & Diego Tortelli


Choreography and music: Eyal Dadon
Set and lights: Fabiana Piccioli
Costumes: Bregje Van Balen
Created in 2022
Duration: 25 min

In YELED, which means “child“ in Hebrew, Eyal Dadon thinks about the point in life as adults which we lose the feeling of being a kid, of being naturally pure, and the ability to have clean filters. When was the point when we lost our innocence and why? Maybe because of a simple sentence that we heard, or because we saw something which changed it, or because of a bad dream… One of the main keys of the piece are the actual things that we learned as kids, and how these things designed us to be the people that we are today.

Press talks about it

“The dancers play, chase each other, make gestures and steps like those of children, occasionally entering a little house at the back of the stage whose interior we see in the images projected on the big screen. An interesting piece where the perfect harmony and precision of movement of the dancers is to be commended.“

Anna Bandettini, La Repubblica


Choreography: Diego Tortelli
Music: Spiritualized
Costume design: Marco De Vincenzo
Lighting design: Roman Fliegel
Created in 2022
Duration: 30 min

SHOOT ME is a creation for the company on the music by the English rock band Spiritualized, and on some recordings of Jim Morrison declaiming poems about freedom.

The construction of the work is based on the concept of “concert-ballet” revised in a contemporary way: music and dance are combined to create a piece without a story, but thanks to the power of music, sometimes aggressive and sometimes poetic, this piece guides us to discover open imaginaries and emotions. A central element of SHOOT ME is the group strength guided by individual voices, the desire of a body that wishes to be observed and a body that wants to be perceived, that wants to communicate.

Press talks about it

“The choice of the strong rhythms of Spiritualized mixed with the poems recited by Jim Morrison is beautiful, giving a charged tension to the encounters, to the individual and group actions, crossed by a great complicity and a dizzying force that gives the tone to the story, expressed with technical perfection by the dancers.“

Anna Bandettini, La Repubblica

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