Tour calendar

June 2024

  • 12 : Genève (CH) - Forces
  • 13 : Genève (CH) - Forces
  • 14 : Genève (CH) - Forces
  • 15 : Genève (CH) - Forces
  • 16 : Genève (CH) - Forces


Choreographies : Aszure Barton / Sharon Eyal


Choreography: Aszure Barton
Music : V. De Moraes, August Soderman, Ljova Moondog, Damiel Bélanger, Camille Saint Saëns, David Wikander
Lighting and set design: Nicole Pearce
Costumes: Michelle Jank
Assistant choreographer: Jonathan E. Alsberry
Created in 2009 – Duration 28 min

Drawing its enigmatic title from both the Spanish language (buscar meaning to seek) and the English language for street performance, BUSK invites us to appreciate the fragility, tenderness and resilience of the human being. Through the power of the collective, the dancers perform complex choreographic structures, drawing on all the facets of their bodies and minds, in a search for true wisdom.


Choreography : Sharon Eyal
Co-choreography: Gai Behar
Music : Ori Lichtik
Set design: Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar
Lights: Alon Cohen
Costumes: Rebecca Hytting
Created in 2019 – Duration 45 min

Set to a techno soundtrack alternating with drums and bass, the seventeen spellbound dancers are magnetically drawn together in movements that are nervous yet light and supple. Sharon Eyal highlights the collective force as a source of trepidation, solitude and resilience. A shared pleasure that sometimes stems from pain, or from the pleasure of fighting with the same strength, for the same goals.

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