Tour calendar

Tour calendar

December 2023

  • 20 : Toulouse (FR) - Golden Days
  • 21 : Toulouse (FR) - Golden Days
  • 22 : Toulouse (FR) - Golden Days
  • 23 : Toulouse (FR) - Golden Days
  • 07 : Reggio Emilia (IT) - Golden Days

Golden Days

Choreography: Johan Inger

​​Golden Days presents two existing and distinctive works by Johan Inger, Rain Dogs and BLISS, connected by a new short solo creation, Birdland. Though conceptually and choreographically different, Rain Dogs and BLISS illustrate recurring themes in Johan Inger’s work: loss, change and the consequences thereof. The programme is supported by three artists who have inspired a whole generation: Tom Waits, Patti Smith and Keith Jarrett.

Rain Dogs

Choreography: Johan Inger
Music : Tom Waits
Created in 2013
Duration: 30 min

Rain Dogs represents the complexities and contradictions that characterise our relationship with the world and to each other. When the search for a meaning loses all points of reference, uncertainty and disorientation seem to make it impossible to return to what was and is no longer. This is the moment when loneliness and confusion manifest themselves in their most diverse forms: with irony and drama, with lightness or desperation.


Choreography: Johan Inger
Music: Patti Smith
Created in 2017
Duration: 09 min

The solo Birdland, with Patti Smith’s famous eponymous song, carries the thread between two different periods of life, in a grit and a rebellious streak against changes in life.


Choreography: Johan Inger
Music: Keith Jarrett
Created in 2016
Duration: 27 min

Johan Inger has chosen to place the music of Keith Jarrett’s The Köln Concert, considered legendary in jazz history, at the very core of his creation. From this encounter between the choreographer, the dancers and this emblematic music, an ode to joy and dance emerges.

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