Beaver Dam Company

Tour calendar

September 2022

  • 28 : Zug (CH) - YUMÉ

November 2022

  • 10 : Fribourg (CH) - YUMÉ
  • 11 : Fribourg (CH) - YUMÉ
  • 12 : Fribourg (CH) - YUMÉ
  • 13 : Fribourg (CH) - YUMÉ

January 2023

  • 17 : Paris (FR) - Shiver / All I Need
  • 18 : Paris (FR) - Shiver / All I Need
  • 19 : Paris (FR) - Shiver / All I Need
  • 20 : Paris (FR) - Shiver / All I Need
  • 22 : Paris (FR) - Shiver / All I Need
  • 24 : Paris (FR) - Shiver / All I Need
  • 25 : Paris (FR) - Shiver / All I Need
  • 26 : Paris (FR) - Shiver / All I Need
  • 27 : Paris (FR) - Shiver / All I Need
  • 28 : Paris (FR) - Shiver / All I Need

February 2023

  • 05 : Paris (FR) - YUMÉ

March 2023

  • 23 : Aachen (DE) - All I Need
  • 24 : Aachen (DE) - All I Need
  • 25 : Aachen (DE) - All I Need
  • 26 : Aachen (DE) - All I Need
  • 14 : Villefranche-sur-Saône (FR) - YUMÉ
  • 15 : Villefranche-sur-Saône (FR) - YUMÉ
  • 16 : Villefranche-sur-Saône (FR) - YUMÉ
  • 17 : Villefranche-sur-Saône (FR) - YUMÉ

Beaver Dam Company

Director / Choreographer: Edouard Hue

Edouard Hue is first and foremost a dancer who puts his physicality at the service of pure movement. As a performer, he experimented with the extremes of choreographers Hofesh Shechter, Damien Jalet and Oliver Dubois. He quickly developed a particular style, a mixture of mastered virtuosity and mischievous spontaneity. He was awarded the Swiss Dance Prize 2019 as “Outstanding Dancer”. He naturally turned to choreography, which allowed him to put his professional experiences to profit, to satisfy his quest for independence and to develop his own choreographic language. He then founded his own company, Beaver Dam Company, in reference to the building qualities of this animal and its ability to work as a team.
Beaver Dam Company / Edouard Hue has currently 6 pieces to its credit (solo, duets, quintet and group pieces) touring the world. An emerging choreographer who has already been spotted, he is supported by Pro‑Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council, which has set up a mentoring programme with Olivier Dubois for Meet me halfway. His solo FORWARD is part of the Programme Danse & Dramartugie initiated by Philippe Saire – Théâtre Sévelin 36 and he is artist in residence at L’Auditorium Seynod, Scène Régionale Auvergne Rhône-Alpes since 2016.
Concurrently, Edouard Hue is regularly asked by well-known companies to create pieces. This was the case with Yoann Bourgeois’ Requiem, for which Édouard Hue created the part of Domine Jesu (Grenoble-France), No Matter for the Gauthier Dance Company (Stuttgart-Germany), Titan for the Basel Ballet (Basel-Switzerland), and The Firebird in 2023 for the Grand Opéra d’Avignon.

Season highlights

Beaver Dam Company will be touring the City of Light this season. Beaver Dam Company will be touring the City of Light this season. In Paris, the company will present Shiver and All I Need for 12 performances at La Scala from 17 to 28 January 2023, as well as its young audience piece YUMÉ at the Théâtre du Châtelet on 5 February 2023.
Edouard Hue will be invited twice this season to create for the Ballet du Grand Opéra d’Avignon. He will revisit the mythical piece The Firebird on 6 and 7 April 2023. He will also create a duet for himself and a dancer of the company, which will be part of the 7*7 programme, composed of 7 duets of 7 minutes each, by 7 different choreographers.

Press talks about it

“Bubbling, impetuous, made of rupture, eminently political, the choreographer’s writing electrifies, hypnotizes.”

Olivier Frégaville-Gratian d’Amore, L’Oeil d’Olivier

“Barely a ten-year career, half a dozen creations and the young choreographer appears to be a rising star in emerging dance. A well-deserved recognition brought about by tireless work and undeniable talent. […] A fine artist whose rigorous thinking and openness to the world are appreciated.”

Véronique Vanier,

“Edouard Hue is a magnificent dancer and now choreographer with a personal style. […] He composes choreographies where the body is called upon to the extreme, where physical performance transcends movement while embodying his view of the world.”

Brigitte Lefèvre, Festival de danse de Cannes 2021

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