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Choreography: Edouard Hue
Music: Jonathan Soucasse
Created in 2021
Duration: 40 min


Inspired by Japanese tales, the piece offers several depths of reading with the aim of being accessible to as many people as possible. Through a narrative construction without words, around a physical and virtuoso contemporary dance, the choreographer offers us the story of the heroine who has her shadow stolen and goes in search of it. Strongly inspired by Japanese culture, both in its story and in its scenography built around Sigolène Petey’s costumes, YUMÉ takes the audience into a magical and dreamlike universe.

Press talks about it

“The audience’s applause shows that the show delights both young and old. The narrative is nourished by images that create an open and poetic meaning that is accessible, to varying degrees, to all audiences.”

Paul Rassat, Talpa Mag

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